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I'm sitting here crying like a baby because I'm looking at the photos in my local Freecycle, and there are so many puppies who need good homes. It breaks my heart because I want to help them all. I did email a lady who works at a vets office who had a dog who will be put down tomorrow if not adopted. I'm not positive if I will be able to adopt him, but I want to atleast foster him or help him find a home.

Anybody else have ideas on helping puppies?

I would love to start a rescue center, but I don't have the room or the know how. Everybody tells me it's crazy to want to do it, that school is more important than dogs, and that I'll never make any money off it. Perhaps a business degree or a vet's assisantance program is the step to take? I really have no idea how, but I know it's something I want to do....it's just what calls me.

On that note, I've been volunteering at the humane society. It's so nice that I get to play with and love the pups. I'm sure it's a nice thing in their day anyhow. I hate to leave them though, their sad eyes and cute faces just make me wish I could camp out with them.
Walkin in the beach


I have four "Girls Gone Wild" Dvds for sale.
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would throw them away, except that thats wasteful. Make an offer on one or all, shipping less than $5.
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(no subject)

(1): Give me some bands that I should listen to and have on my I-pod before the year is out.
I love all music so I will give it all a chance:)

(2): Give me some authors/books to read. I love true life, serial killers, chick lit etc.

(3): Give me some movies to watch

(4)WEBSITES to join for sex, games, ect.

(5): A meal to try out, as in make from scratch.
Walkin in the beach

Drunk update

It really fucking pisses me off when I watch videos such as this on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FUbIAHmG4A&mode=related&search=
But I searched for it as well.

It amazes me that the dog in the video likely didn't live to see another day, and the man with his poodle are so pitiful. Who knows what happened on the trail? That's not my point though, the whole idea is that because that dog attacked a human and another dog, he was immediately destroyed by said human's cronies.
Now, here's my question to everyone who agrees that this was the right thing to do:

The next human who murders, rapes, attacks anyone, can we just kill him too? They say it's quick and painless, the dog doesn't feel a thing; he just goes right to sleep.
love is....

Murder in the name of Art?

There's an artist, Nathalia Edenmont, who kills cats, mice, doves, RABBITS, and other animals, mutilates their bodies, and then takes their photographs. She's on exhibit, among other places, at the Wetterling Gallery in Sweden. She has taken the top halves of five white mice and made them into finger puppets. She beat a cat to death with a stick. And this is called art. This is not only inhumane, but morally reprehensible.

Link to samples of the exhibit (warning! offensive content): http://www.wetterlinggallery.com/archive/nathalia/nathalia_main.htm
The Wetterling Gallery's Justification of her work: http://www.wetterlinggallery.com/newsletter/newsletter.htm
Link to the petition against her: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/853089392